Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

WAWRZYNIEC RYMKIEWICZ (1971) is the editor-in-chief of „Kronos” and author of the book Someone and No-one. An Introduction to the Reading of Heidegger. He has translated the works of Heidegger (Nietzsche) and Schelling(Die Weltalter, Philosophie der Mithologie), as well as French poets – Baudelaire and Apollinaire. He is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Philosophy, Warsaw University.

Deputy Editor in Chief

PIOTR NOWAK (1966) is an Assistant Professor at the University of Białystok. He is one of the co-founders and editors of “Kronos” and member of the management board of the Count Cieszkowski Foundation. In 2006 he published The Ontology of Success. An Essay on the Philosophy of Alexandre Kojève, and was the editor and co-author of The War of Generations. He was also the editor of the book Man and His Enemies (2008) – a selection of essays on the political philosophy of Carl Schmitt. In the years 2008-2014 he edited, translated, co-translated and wrote introductions to three books of essays by Hannah Arendt, Giorgio Agamben’s Homo Sacer, Carl Schmitt’s Leviathan, the monumental History of Political Philosophy edited by Leo Strauss and Joseph Cropsey, a new Polish translation of Plato’s Symposium, Arendt’s The Jewish Writings and Lecture’s on Kant’s Political Philosophy, as well as Vasily Rozanov’s Fallen Leaves and a collection of essays by Jacob Taubes – Apocalypse and Politics. He has guest-lectured at many European and American universities. His most recent book, The Prince’s Signature (2013), is collection of essays on political philosophy.

Editorial Assistance

KRZYSZTOF ROSIŃSKI (1977) holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy. He is the secretary of the editorial board of „Kronos” and chairman of the management board of the Count Cieszkowski Foundation.

ANDRZEJ SERAFIN (1980) philosopher and philologist, editor of the philosophical quarterly Kronos. Translator of Plato (Symposium, Epinomis) and Jacob Taubes (Occidental Eschatology) into Polish. He has finished his dissertation on Heidegger’s interpretation of Aristotle and is currently working on Plato’s Timaios.