TOLERANCE – KRONOS – TV program

    Attention, spoiler alert. Herbert George Wells’ short story “The Time Machine” speaks about future inhabitants of the Earth: The Eloi and Morlocks tribes. The Eloi are vegetarians, they make love in nature, or basically, wherever they can, they don’t work, they live beyond good and evil, they hold hands dancing and singing in a circle, they accept everyone, who approaches them, they are ever young and naïve, tolerant. Yet, they aren’t really interested in anything. They lack memory. They experience their reality all the time anew and are overwhelmed by fear when it gets dark, for each night a few Eloi disappear, eaten by carnivorous Morlocks, a hominid, underworld tribe, dangerous, intolerant, predatory. They allow Eloi to enjoy their temporary happiness only to have something, or rather somebody, to eat. They treat hippies as cattle. This story has a clear message: ideologized tolerance weakens and undermines the very basis of the existence of those, who want to cuddle and tolerate it all. They might practice tolerance, but it’s perpetuated by somebody else, surely not by them.